Linda’s Insurance CE Schedule

For more information about these classes, email Linda.

Note: During the last week of each month, additional classes are added to the schedule for the following month.

Apr 21Life Insurance webinar
Apr 22Ethics webinar
Apr 28Ethics webinar
May 04NY Regulation 187 webinar
May 05Ethics webinar
May 11Enterprise webinar
May 12Pet Insurance webinar
May 13Cannabis webinar
May 13Ethics webinar
May 19Ethics webinar
May 20Disability insurance webinar
May 21InsurTech webinar
May 25Drones webinar
May 26Current Trends webinar
May 27Ethics webinar
May 28Pet Insurance webinar
Jun 02Disability insurance webinar
Jun 03Ethics webinar
Jun 08InsurTech webinar
Jun 09NY Regulation 187 webinar
Jun 09Enterprise webinar
Jun 10Ethics webinar
Jun 11 Pet Insurance webinar
Jun 14Cannabis webinar
Jun 15Life Insurance webinar
Jun 16Ethics webinar
Jun 17Drones webinar
Jun 18Current Trends webinar
Jun 22Life Insurance webinar
Jun 23Ethics webinar
Jun 24Anti-Money Laundering webinar
Jun 29Ethics webinar
Jun 30Pet Insurance webinar
Jul 07Ethics webinar
Jul 08Enterprise webinar
Jul 15Ethics webinar
Jul 21Ethics webinar
Jul 29Ethics webinar
Aug 10Enterprise webinar
Sep 15Enterprise webinar
Oct 14Enterprise webinar
Nov 09Enterprise webinar
Dec 08Enterprise webinar