Linda’s Insurance CE Schedule

For more information about these classes, email Linda.

Note: During the last week of each month, additional classes are added to the schedule for the following month.

Oct 5Disability Insurance webinar
Oct 6Current Trends webinar
Oct 8Annuity/Best Interests webinar
Oct 12Life Insurance webinar
Oct 13Ethics webinar
Oct 14AML webinar
Oct 14Enterprise webinar
Oct 15Pet Insurance webinar
Oct 19Life Insurance webinar
Oct 20InsurTech webinar
Oct 21Ethics webinar
Oct 25Underwriting webinar
Oct 26Ethics webinar
Oct 27AML webinar
Nov 2Current Trends webinar
Nov 4Ethics webinar
Nov 9Enterprise webinar
Nov 9Disability Insurance webinar
Nov 10Ethics webinar
Nov 11Life Insurance webinar
Nov 16Ethics webinar
Nov 17AML webinar
Nov 18Life Insurance webinar
Nov 19InsurTech webinar
Nov 23Ethics webinar
Nov 30Underwriting webinar
Dec 08Enterprise webinar