The Rental Reimbursement Coverage insurance continuing education (CE) course is available for you to offer your agent partners, at no cost to them,  in webinar, online, and classroom formats. The webinar and classroom courses do not require the completion of an exam to receive CE course credit; the online course requires students to take a monitored exam to receive CE course credit.

More details about the types of courses available appear after the following section about CE requirements for agents and adjuster licensees.

CE Requirements for Licensees

Continuing education (CE) credit is NOT automatically awarded to students who register for and login to this webinar. Students must comply with regulatory requirements of the states in which they are licensed to receive CE credit. In addition, students must meet the requirements of our Compliance Policy to receive CE credit.

Students can obtain the CE requirements of their state by clicking this link and entering their state of licensure. Our Compliance Policy appears at the bottom of all our online registration forms. In addition, the above link and Compliance Policy are included in all registration emails sent from our office and the webinar platform.

How the Course is Offered

Webinars and webcasts

Your students can attend webinars and webcasts in one of two ways: (1) by attending a regularly scheduled monthly webinar, or (2) by attending a special webinar/webcast you have scheduled with us.

Either you or your agents may submit registration forms online for the regular monthly webinars by using the following URL. Course dates with available seating are listed in the online registration form. Keep in mind that insurance continuing education compliance requirements apply. You and your agents can find these requirements on the online registration form page at

Online course

Your agents are able to  take the online course at their convenience, 24/7. You can provide your agent partners with an Online Course Voucher after you have obtained vouchers from our CE Course Provider, A.D. Banker & Company. You can purchase online course vouchers by clicking here.

Live Classroom

Linda is available to teach the Rental Reimbursement Coverage course in a live classroom setting, at which a team member is responsible for monitoring attendance. For more information about hiring Linda, refer to your instruction packet or contact her directly at: