Client Testimonials

Linda has worked with some clients for many years and others hired her for single, specific projects. Here is what some of Linda’s current and former clients have to say about her professional services. All testimonials have been provided with permission. A.D. Banker and Company “Linda does amazing work! Her topics are clearly presented, well

ADB Webinar Schedule (Insurance CE)

Linda presents insurance continuing education webinars in partnership with A.D. Banker & Company. Her schedule is updated here each month. For more information, or to register for any of the insurance CE webinars Linda presents in partnership with A.D. Banker & Company, click here. Some webinars are not available in all states. All times shown are


Linda provides the following services: Insurance CE webinar development, writing, and instruction Insurance CE course development, writing, and instruction One-on-one insurance training, coaching, and mentoring Insurance company/agency employee training and career development Speaking For more information, click any of the following links: Linda’s podcast, Taking the Mystery out of Insurance YouTube excerpts of Linda’s podcast

Freedom of Expression

As a writer, I have always embraced the right to express myself freely, without censorship. That’s one of the best things about being an American and living in this country: each of us has so many freedoms. When I write–regardless of whether my creation is a textbook, workshop handout, short story, novel, or

Why you THINK you’re so much better in the morning … or at night

Circadian rhythm: It’s the reason you find yourself full of energy at a particular time of day (or night) and really dragging at another time. Biological clock: Your internal timing device; usually a 24-hour clock. Your biological clock produces your circadian rhythm. So, what does this have to do with your productivity and

IRS “Dirty Dozen” Tax Scams for 2017

As a freelance writer, I research many subjects for both my fiction and nonfiction. Recently, during the research phase of a project for an educational text on identity theft, I learned that fraudulent tax preparers are among the “Dirty Dozen” of IRS tax scams for this year. Who’d have guessed?

Welcome to my updated website

I’ve finally surrendered and accepted the fact that I am two distinctly different people: the quirky, creative, oddball with the graphic imagination and the somewhat conservative businesswoman. This website is devoted to the real me, the one who wakes up at night envisioning dead bodies rolling down hillsides and plopping