Free Will or Fate?

July 2, 2019

The debate about whether we choose or own paths or they’ve been mapped out for us has been around a long time. Longer than I have, surely. Let me be clear: I’m a firm believer that we wind up at our destinations because of the decisions we make. I’m an equally firm believer in destiny. This might seem like a contradiction, but it isn’t. We’re all meant to encounter certain people in our lives and achieve certain goals–that’s the part controlled by fate. We make mistakes along the way and not only does the nature of each mistake shape us, so does its timing and what we learn from it. That’s the part where our free will steps in. Have you ever wondered why you fell in love with that boy or girl sixth grade? Or what happened to your best friend in high school? Or why your co-worker had to die so young? And how your life would be different if events hadn’t taken those people away from you? I’ve always wondered about these types of things. But these days, I view them from a slightly different perspective. In fact, my perspective has been skewing the past few years–which is another story. I met a man four years ago. Let’s call him David. Since that time, David and I have come to learn that our paths have crossed multiple times during our lives, yet we never actually met. We came this close to meeting half a dozen times but,…

If you own a drone, you should know the FAA has rules and regulations that require virtually all drones to be registered. Regardless of whether your drone needs to be registered, it needs to comply with regulations concerning flight in the National Airspace System. Are you flying a drone for recreational purposes? As a modeler? For business? Everything you need to know about drone registration and requirements can be found on the FAA’s website by clicking here. Keep in mind that rules have been changing rapidly. In fact, one of the most recent rule changes relates to ADS-B technology. Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast systems use GPS, avionics, and a network of ground stations to more accurately position aircraft while in flight. It also provides a larger coverage are than radar does. Beginning January 1, 2020, all aircraft flying in most controlled airspace is required to be equipped with ADS-B technology. For more information about that, click here. If you fly a drone, you should make sure you’ve checked with your homeowners’ or business insurance carrier to make sure you policy provides the liability coverage you need. Although your policy may provide property coverage for your drone, it will NOT provide coverage for any drone used in business unless you have purchased it. In addition some business owners will find that their carriers have added liability exclusions for drones.

I am Back!

April 24, 2019

Just a quick post to let you know I have not fallen off the face of the earth. The month of April brought that horrible stomach flu to my household and had us all laying low for nearly two weeks. Fortunately, the bug released its grip in time for us to head out to Florida on vacation, as planned, and for me to enjoy my birthday and Easter. I’ll be releasing my April Insurance Tidbits newsletter before the end of the month, along with my quarterly writing newsletter, Get it Write.In addition, my May webinar schedule will be posted tomorrow!