How often do you use “very?”

I find myself using the word very lately, as in something isĀ very important or very stupid. (I also use really in a similar fashion, and actually, but I’m going to stick with very today.)

If something’s important (or stupid), how does does very make it more so? Aren’t the words important and stupid explicit enough on their own without having to define degrees of importance and stupidity? Grammatically speaking, how correct is it to modify an adjective with another adjective?

Why do we use adjectives anyway? Sure, the red car distinguishes it from the blue and green ones but why do we have to say the green grass? Yep, in places like Montana grass turns dirt brown in the dryness of summer but, otherwise, it’s green … and don’t we all know that?

Same thing with adverbs. Yes, the earth spins slowly on its axis. I suppose it might be important to stress the fact to someone who’s very stupid but, really, how many people are so stupid they think the earth spins quickly on its axis? And if someone were that stupid, why would you be talking about the earth’s axis anyway?

All kidding aside, I understand the value of adjectives and adverbs. I’m just practicing a more judicious use of them lately.

What are your thoughts about the little buggers?