Insurance CE Schedule

insurance CE schedule

Linda teaches insurance continuing education (CE) courses–both webinars and in the classroom–for several insurance CE providers and organizations, including BetterCE and A.D. Banker & Company. Some courses are available to the public and others are proprietary to her clients. New dates are continually being added to the schedule. For more information about the classes listed, email Linda. For more about Linda’s insurance background, click here.

Jan 04Current Trends in Insurance webinar
Jan 05Insurance Ethics webinar
Jan 06Disability Insurance webinar
Jan 07Insuring Cannabis webinar
Jan 11Life Insurance webinar
Jan 13Insurance Ethics webinar
Jan 17AML webinar
Jan 18Life Insurance webinar
Jan 19Insurance Ethics webinar
Jan 25Underwriting webinar
Jan 27Insurance Ethics webinar
Jan 28InsurTech webinar
Feb 02Insurance Ethics webinar
Feb 03AML webinar
Feb 04Driving into the Future webinar
Feb 08Insurance Ethics webinar
Feb 09Life Insurance webinar
Feb 10Current Trends in Insurance webinar
Feb 14Insurance Ethics webinar
Feb 15Disability Insurance webinar
Feb 16Life Insurance webinar
Feb 17InsurTech webinar
Feb 22Underwriting webinar
Feb 23AML webinar
Feb 24Insurance Ethics webinar
Mar 01Current Trends in Insurance webinar
Mar 02Insurance Ethics webinar
Mar 08Life Insurance webinar
Mar 10Insurance Ethics webinar
Mar 15Life Insurance webinar
Mar 16Insurance Ethics webinar
Mar 17SILA Foundation webinar/Ethics
Mar 22Disability Insurance webinar
Mar 23InsurTech webinar
Mar 24Insurance Ethics webinar
Mar 29Underwriting webinar
Mar 30Insurance Ethics webinar
Mar 31AML webinar