Client Testimonials

All client testimonials appearing on this page have been provided with the client’s permission.

Linda has worked with some clients for many years and others hired her for single, specific projects. The following client testimonials share what current and former clients have to say about her professional services.

Better CE

Google reviews from satisfied customers of BetterCE:

LM: “I have taken the 3-hour ethics CE for many years. Today’s presentation by Linda McHenry at BetterCE was the best ethics CE I have ever attended. Webinar was well-organized, great material, and included interesting examples presented by Linda. Definitely recommend.”

EG: “I am a visual learner so this webinar really helped me and the way it was explained was great.”

MG: “Linda McHenry is an AMAZING educator and very knowledgeable. 10/10 would recommend her webinars.”

CA: “I don’t want to take online courses in any other format, ever again! This was incredibly well-organized, informative, interactive, and entertaining. Thank you BetterCE and thank you Linda and Cristy.”

A.D. Banker and Company

“Linda does amazing work! Her topics are clearly presented, well illustrated, and easy to read. She makes the complicated understandable, which is a rare ability. When any new project comes to the table, we look first to Linda.” 

Pam Reihs, CE Product Manager, A.D. Banker & Company, Overland Park, Kansas


“Our company has engaged Linda for numerous projects over the years. I’ve retained her for several high-profile projects with relatively short deadlines. They required a variety of skill sets. Linda came through for me each time with quality work she completed within the deadlines, often going above and beyond what I requested of her. I would certainly recommend her work to anyone.” 

Arthur G. Carvajal, Esq., Executive Editor and General Counsel, WebCE, Chicago, Illinois

 Enterprise Holdings

“Linda surpassed our expectations in our course development and writing project. She’s a true professional with a writing quality that will meet your objectives. Her industry expertise, dedication, project direction–as well as her ability to meet tight deadlines–were invaluable to our initiative. She gets ‘top box’ scores in customer service, too!” 

Donna C. Humphreys, Senior Marketing Manager, Enterprise Holdings, St. Louis, Missouri

 CPMI Professional Development, Inc.

“Linda has developed several CE courses for CPMI Professional Development and we hope for more. Her work is clear and well-written; it is obvious that she has a good grasp of her topics so that both newer and longer-standing agents find the courses interesting.” 

Paul Mensinger, Owner, CPMI Professional Development, Inc., Peoria, IL

 University of Montana

“It gives us great pleasure to recommend Linda to speak on any topic about which she feels qualified. Linda presented a workshop for our Professional Development program titled Customer Service and Marketing Begin with You. She was very knowledgeable and the attendees were very pleased with the presentation and evaluated Linda in the high ranking. They felt she provided them great information to use at their current positions.” 

Cathy Isakson, Human Resources, Montana Tech, University of Montana, Butte, Montana

When Linda lived in Missoula, Montana, she collaborated with Janel Queen, Director of Career Advancement, to develop a networking program that joined the local business community and students at the School of Business Administration (SOBA) in a mutually beneficial program. Each semester since Linda and Janel began their partnership, business professionals and students meet and mingle for the purpose of attracting the best talent to the local business community and to help ambitious scholars acquire marketable professional skills.

This is just a little of what Janel Queen has to say about Linda’s book Taking the Mystery Out of Business: 9 Fundamentals for Professional Success: “Linda’s book really is an arsenal of tools and resources to help managers and their businesses succeed. I can see myself referring back to the book regularly–and I’ve been at this a while!”

Lessons from Lois

“Linda knows how to write. I hired Linda to edit materials I developed; her comments were thoughtful and her edits were crisp, clear, and clever. Linda worked quick and finished on time. I plan to hire Linda again–she is worth every cent I paid. P.S. Linda has agreed to co-write my first book with me!” 

Lois McElravy, Keynote Speaker, Humor Expert, Brain Injury Thriver, Lessons from Lois, Missoula, Montana

Western States Insurance Agency (now Payne-West Insurance)

 “The best thing about Linda’s classes is the information is current, interesting, and she makes them interactive.”

Jerri Roney, Service and Support Director, Western States Insurance Agency (now PayneWest)

Montana First Credit Union

“I had the pleasure of meeting Linda serving as members of the Business Resource & Professional Development Committee of the local Chamber of Commerce. Soon after Linda’s arrival, I came to look to her as a friend, confidant, and reliable partner.

As chair of the committee, I was highly dependent on the willingness of our members to offer both their time and expertise on a regular basis. I found that Linda was most generous in providing our group with both. Due to my level of respect for Linda, I asked that she present training materials to my staff.

Linda’s seminar touched on the multiple facets of Customer Service and Marketing. But most importantly, Linda’s material was presented in a manner that our staff understood and could employ in their day-to-day operations. Linda’s use of humor, interaction, and engaging personality contributed to the ultimate success of this training.

A key point in Linda’s presentation is: Once you have established the standard, you cannot reduce or eliminate it without harming your image and/or reputation. I assure you that Linda has set her standards high, and never had to wrestle with compromise. For all the above reasons, I have no reservations making a recommendation of Linda Faulkner and the use of her insurance/educational services.”

Tyler J. Disburg, Chief Administrative Officer, Montana First Credit Union, Missoula, Montana

Hanover Insurance Group

Linda developed, wrote, and presented three webinars for Hanover’s Enabling CSR Success series of webinars in the fall of 2011.

Take Back Your Time! (September 23, 2011) is in in-depth discussion of proven CSR best practices that help CSRs successfully navigate important practical issues, including time and desk management, setting the right priorities, dealing with the demands of the job, and effectively responding to internal and external customers.

E & O: Avoiding a Bad Situation (October 19, 2011) focuses on helping CSRs deal with the legal and ethical responsibilities of the insurance industry, the challenges of staying current in a complex business environment, and how to avoid making mistakes that might jeopardize a client or the agency.

A Delicate Balance: Managing Client, Agency, and Carrier Interests (November 17, 2011) explores the challenges of balancing the needs to protect and respect the client, agency, and carrier. It offers practical solutions to help CSRs feel confident they’re doing “the right thing” for all involved parties.

Larry Kaczmarek, Hanover Insurance Group, Worcester, MA