Taking the Mystery out of Business

Taking the Mystery out of Business
is Linda’s second book.

Business owners, independent contractors, managers, and employees often wear many hats. As a result, they deal with limited time, budgets, and resources. In this practical primer, Linda McHenry lays out the fundamentals. She also provides examples and tips so newcomers to the business world can easily gain an understanding of the challenges they face. In addition, experienced professionals will benefit from a refresher about basic strategies and how to stay ahead of the competition.

Taking the Mystery out of Business is a resource. It starts with attitude and covers everything from money management to customer attention. Entrepreneurs, employees, and anyone who has questions about the often mysterious world of business will benefit from Linda’s perspective.

To learn about Linda’s background in the insurance industry, which provided the bulk of her expertise in the business world,
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Taking the Mystery out of Business is currently available to read for free on Kindle Unlimited!

Reviews for Taking the Mystery out of Business

“Linda’s book really is an arsenal of tools and resources to help managers and their businesses succeed. I can see myself referring back to the book regularly–and I’ve been at this a while!”

Janel Queen, Director of Career Advancement, College of Business, University of Montana, Missoula

“Having known her for several years, I’ve learned that Linda McHenry and I agree on many things, business-wise: honesty in all relationships, excellent “bend-over-backwards” customer service, the best possible product delivered, and the importance of networking – the right way! I’m pleased she has taken the time to share her business experience and expertise in book form, because she does it as a matter-of-course in her everyday life with her many business associates.”

– Bill Samsoe, Missoula Area Chamber of Commerce