We offer this Enterprise-sponsored webinar once per month. Currently scheduled webinar dates with available seats in 2021 are: February 9, March 10, April 15, May 11, June 9, July 8, August 10, September 15, October 14, November 9, and December 8.

For the latest update about how winter weather is affecting our scheduled insurance CE webinars and web classes, click here.

The webinar is approved for two (2) hours of property and casualty CE credit in all states and the District of Columbia–except Massachusetts. Massachusetts licensees may only take this course online and should contact their Enterprise representative to receive a voucher. (Available for adjuster CE credit in SOME states, but NOT in AR, CA, ID, MS, NH, NM, OK, OR.)

Do NOT use this form to change, or reschedule a previously submitted form for a scheduled webinar you have not yet attended. To request a change/transfer, click here. Similarly, do not submit multiple registration forms for more than 1 date. You can only receive CE credit for the webinar ONCE per compliance period.

If you don't know the name of your rep, tell us how you learned about the webinar.
In most states, you cannot take this course two or more times for CE credit within the same compliance period. In some states, you cannot take it twice within a certain period of time, such as twice within 24 months.
Do NOT register for more than one date. If you need to change the date after you registered, please email us to have your registration transferred.
If you are licensed, as it appears on your insurance license.
If you are licensed, as it appears on your insurance license
Only ONE person per email address can receive CE credit during a webinar. If multiple people login to the same webinar, on the same date, only the person linked to that email address will receive CE credit.
To calculate the time difference between you and us, visit the following URL and enter your nearest city for your local time, and "Boston" for our local time. Be sure to enter the date of your class, as the time difference may change between now and then. URL: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html

Click here to download webinar instructions.

Registration for all webinars closes at 4 p.m. Eastern time on the last business day before the webinar.  IMPORTANT: We are located in Massachusetts, in the Eastern time zone, and our office hours are 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Eastern time.


Being present for the entire webinar, participating, and being actively attentive are CE requirements of your state department of insurance. To be eligible for CE credit, you must be logged into the webinar before it begins and give your full attention to the presentation. You must also login to the webinar using a unique email address, one that is not shared by anyone else attending the same webinar.

Any time you click off the presentation to perform other tasks on your computer (e.g., checking emails, using a second monitor, clicking on a notification), the webinar program reports you as inattentive. Although you may be able to hear and see the webinar, if your mouse is not clicked in the presentation, you are inattentive.

If you are inattentive during the webinar, you will receive a reminder in your chat window to click back into the webinar presentation. Prolonged or repeated periods of inattentiveness will disqualify you from receiving CE credit.

All information provided on this registration form is kept confidential. A.D. Banker & Company, Linda McHenry’s associate and the approved CE provider of the webinar, will report the CE credits and a CE Certificate of Completion will be emailed to you after webinar paperwork is updated.

CE Requirements by State

To view the CE requirements of your state, click here and enter your state of licensure. Once you arrive at the webpage, other links will be provided to your state department of insurance.