Monthly Chats

Book Babble

Designed for writers in all genres who want to learn or share about the craft of writing. More information.

May 28 topic: Ways to Create Conflict in Fiction

June 27 topic: Setting up Your Scenes

Insurance Payoff

Designed for insurance professionals who want to broaden their understanding of the monthly topic. More information.

May 23 topic: The Signoff Form: How to Protect Yourself

June 25 Topic: Avoid Common Cyber Risks


The format is a 30-minute Zoom meeting that requires advance registration. Linda discusses her thoughts on the monthly topic during the first 10 minutes, followed by an open discussion. Meetings are NOT recorded.

The schedule of dates can be found on the Events page of this website. Meetings begin promptly at the stated time and end 30 minutes later.

The topics are announced in advance, and Linda prefers to present topics of interest to participants. Submit suggestions here.

You can sign up to attend by visiting the Book Babble and/or Insurance Payoff pages, or by clicking here.