Linda framed in greyLinda McHenry is a novelist and freelance writer who writes fiction under the name Linda McHenry and her nonfiction books and insurance texts under the name Linda Faulkner. This website is devoted to Linda’s fiction; if you are more interested in her nonfiction writing, visit her over at http://LindaFaulkner.com.

Linda’s work in progress is the first in a series about the five Farrell siblings: Neil, Val, Jill, Reed, and Carlie. In Book #1, Jill plans to drive home from Montana to Massachusetts so she can spend time with her mother, who is recuperating from surgery. Unfortunately, her plans are rerouted when an unknown assailant tries to run her off the road … and down the side of a mountain. Mick Dempsey witnesses the skirmish and, unknown to either Jill or the attacker, is a retired Army Ranger who is more than qualified to escort her safely home … and take care of her stalker.

Jill and Mick race across the country, trying to figure out who has his heart set on ending Jill’s life–and why–before they lead the assailant directly into the heart of her family.