Debra Bokur’s new Release: The Fire Thief

The first book in Debra Bokur’s mystery series, The Fire Thief, was released last month to rave reviews. The series is set in Hawaii and you can check it out on her website at Debra visited with me on The Writer’s Voice this week, and we talked about how

Fiction & Non-fiction

Fiction Linda’s first mystery, Second Time Around, was nominated for a 2010 EPIC Award in the Best Mystery/Suspense category and is currently out of print. The second edition is being prepared for republication and release sometime during the summer of 2020. Her short story, Mama, was published in the Writers’ Digest 17th Annual Short Short

Books & Publications

Linda’s book, Taking the Mystery Out of Business, received rave reviews when it was first published in 2010. The book was re-released in May 2020 is currently available for sale on Amazon as a paperback and eBook. Linda’s short-short story, Mama, placed 15th of more than 4,000 entrants in the Writer’s Digest 17th Annual Short-Short

Short Stories

Linda’s short story, Mama, was one of more than 4,000 entries in the Writer’s Digest 17th Annual Short Short Story Competition. It placed 15th of the top 25 entries, and was published in the compilation of winners. Linda expects to publish an anthology of short stories sometime this fall.

Second Time Around

What do you do when the dead body you stumble across belongs to your father, the father you thought abandoned you in infancy? That’s what Timmie Campbell asks herself. Turns out her mother has been lying for years:  about her father’s abandonment … about a lot of other things.  Unfortunately, Timmie can’t dwell on her mother’s dishonesty