What Kinds of Books Do I Read?

I read all kinds of stuff, in all kinds of formats. I own thousands of books: hardcover, paperback, and ebooks on my Kindle. I subscribe to Kindle Unlimited, and definitely receive a great value for my subscription.

Here’s the thing. I received a credit from Amazon that linked me to a page with all kinds of books I could apply the credit to. How does a person decide what book to buy?

I suspect I have a serious issue–okay, I know I have several of them, but I’m talking about the issue relating to my preference for some writers over others. The genre of the book doesn’t matter to me, so long as the writer’s voice sucks me in. Sure, I prefer mysteries, suspense and thriller novels, and all kinds of women’s fiction–including romance. So, why could I not stop reading the first few pages of the first two books I looked at?

Neither book is the type I’d normally read, which is why I looked at them. Stepping outside the box, you know? Here they are, you tell me why I found both authors’ voices gripping:

By the way, my favorite book of all time is the Scarlet Pimpernel. (See? I told you I had issues.)

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