Today is Dad’s birthday. The ache of missing him competes with all the memories, the laughter, the certainty that no matter what–he was always there for me. Of course, in the way of children, I wish the way he’d been there for me had fallen more in line with MY

What #WritingCommunity Means to Me

Once upon a time, my bio said that despite being born in the Big Apple, I lack a fondness for big cities … with the exception of the Big Easy–or at least its French Quarter, as this photo illustrates. No, I’m not drinking two beers. One was my sister’s (she’s

Independence or Community?

In America, we either brag about our independence or gripe because we feel we’re losing it. In reality, we don’t have it, never had it, and never will have it. You might think I’m full of baloney, but I’m not. Just read the dictionary. When you’re independent, you’re free from

Can You Walk a Mile in Another Person’s Shoes?

Until four years ago, I never watched the news on a regular basis. I never felt the need to follow politics closely or share my political beliefs. My reasons are a story for another day. Maybe it’s because I’m a writer, maybe it’s because I’m growing older, or maybe it’s

Writer’s Voice Guest: Sarah Smith

Sarah Smith joined me on the first episode of my podcast, The Writer’s Voice. Take a listen! Her latest book is Crimes and Survivors; you can learn more about it on her website at

3 Biggest No-Nos When Working from Home

Nine years ago, I took the plunge and began a freelance writing business working from home. And when I say “plunge,” I don’t do so lightly. When you’ve spent 37 years working in sales, and owning three businesses, and teaching agents and adjusters insurance continuing education classes, that tumble is

How often do you use “very?”

I find myself using the word very lately, as in something is very important or very stupid. (I also use really in a similar fashion, and actually, but I’m going to stick with very today.) If something’s important (or stupid), how does does very make it more so? Aren’t the words

To Do or Not to Do?

We resolve to be better each new year, listening to the advice of those who (supposedly) know so much more than we do: Eat healthier! Become more fit! Earn a higher salary! But who and what are we really listening to as we ponder our lives, and strive to improve?

New Beginnings

Although I tend to get sad in the fall, when the heat of summer fades away and the trees begin shedding their leaves, I seldom react the same way at the end of the year. As each January approaches, I feel like I do  when spring is around the corner:

Who is it all about … you or me?

Let’s face it, if we’re the kind of person who spends any time thinking, most of that time is spent focused on our own feelings, perspectives, wants, fears, memories, dreams, etc. There’s nothing wrong with that–it’s human nature. In reality, putting other people first is counterintuitive. It violates the survival