New Beginnings

Although I tend to get sad in the fall, when the heat of summer fades away and the trees begin shedding their leaves, I seldom react the same way at the end of the year. As each January approaches, I feel like I do  when spring is around the corner: excited by the bright colors erupting all over the place and the music and fresh new scents filling the world. (I never remember the allergies until much, much later…)

Today is a beginning, a brand new year. But I love all beginnings, not just January first.

I look forward to Mondays (yes, I enjoy my job), Fridays (the beginning of the weekend), an unopened notebook, a freshly sharpened pencil. I even like beginnings that have nothing to do with writing: learning how to play a song on the cello, meeting a person I’ve never met, experimenting with a new recipe, researching graphology, tasting an unheard-of brand of tea.

If we always wear scratchy wool slacks, we’ll never know how comfortable soft corduroy pants feel. If we only listen to elevator music, we never hear the toe-tapping beat of jazz or the heart-rending pull of the blues. If we never reach out to hug someone else, we don’t know how it feels to be held in another person’s arms.

Traveling through life on a highway–one with clearly marked lanes, a wide shoulder, and a 65 mph speed limit–surely does take us places faster than if we meander down dirt roads, taking shortcuts that invariably wind up being longcuts and bouncing our way through a multitude of potholes. But it’s not nearly as scenic because all the sights pass by in a blur. It’s not nearly as musical, either, because we can’t hear anything other than the endless drone of rubber on pavement.

In 2020, I urge you to look forward to the possibilities, savor flavors you’ve never tasted, make up words to the tunes that run through your head. Detour down a back road instead of taking the highway, just once. Risk it, I dare you … see where that left turn takes you.

This January, listen to the softly falling snow and instead of griping because you can’t wear your suede boots or have to sweep off the car, immerse yourself in the wonder of Mother Nature, the tiny damp kisses she leaves on your cheek, and the joy each moment can bring to your life–if you let it.

Happy New Year ! ♥



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